So why Do you need hardware…?

You can use existing music to build into your beats, or you can do it yourself.

Let´s say you would like to have a very good drum beat as the base of your sound. Chances are that you create it using one of your plugins that are incorporated inside your DAW.

The problem is, these plugins are limited, so if you have the chance to get a pad-style midi controller for creating drum beats, you will probably have a lot more fun. I know, this is getting expensive. But there is still the possibility of buying used ones on Ebay or Amazon.

Once you have generated a drum beat which is fitting your taste, you can import it and use it as a musical foundation.

You can also use only a midi keyboard for generating a rhythm, but this ties you to the preinstalled drum plugins again.

I mentioned earlier, that I want to focus on the software solutions that are available for producing music.

This is, because I myself live on a tiny budget and cant afford to buy a fully equipped home studio.

In the Samples and Loops Section, which will be completed over time, you will be able to find a ton of material to build beats off of. So, you can renounce buying all the latest hardware stuff and nevertheless begin to make your own beats only with your laptop and a DAW.

midi drum pad


  1. LSeulu24

    Hi there,

    its interesting how I came across your post. I’ve been learning about what types of music that I can use on my video blogs (copyright stuff etc) and it makes me wish I had the skills to just do my own beats. I like the fact the reminders you mention around second hand stuff, it can be quite challenging when you are on a limited budget 🙂

    thanks for the info

    1. admin

      Hi Layne, thank you for your comment! Yes, the hardware can be quite expensive, but there are ways to make beats only with software.


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