Kanye West – Makin´History?


The Development of Audio Data Storage and Kanye West´s New Album


Is Kanye West making history? The First Thing I remember when thinking back and thinking about music is that I had a few cassettes with music from Grunge and Crossover Bands. For example I was listening to Nirvana, and one of my favourites was Ugly Kid Joe. This was the time when a mixtape really was a tape (for younger readers: a cassette is a kind of storage medium where the audio signal is written onto a tape). The leap between this and today´s possibilities of audio data storage is huge.

cassette tape

Later on I had a lot of compact discs, for example “Nirvana Unplugged”, it was an alltime favourite of mine.

When the compact disc was followed by mp3 players, I bought an mp3 Player. I also had a minidisc player. The exciting thing about minidisc players is that you can use them to record music, and that´s what I did: in my home town was and is a very well frequented Jazz Club, and I remember using a minidisc and a stereo-headphones-microphone to record all of the three sets of a very well known combo. The quality was quite good. Today, most of the music is listened to through streaming portals, making it easy to use your cellphone like an mp3 player.

What I think is funny about all of this storage medium stuff is, although there are more up to date technologies, there are always people who still use the older ones (for example vinyl) or wish one of them would be brought back to life (for example: the cassette). In fact, the tape is not at all outdated, as there are brands which use the tape technology again for manufacturing recording and mixing hardware. In this way, the analog audio hardware is evolving parallel to the many digital audio software items, which are constantly put out to the public.

Kanye West and the Streaming Industry


I recently read an article about rapper Kanye West, who compared himself to the genius Michelangelo of the Renaissance.

Kanye West

It brought me to think of the development of music marketing, which is determining the kind of commonly used audio data storage technology a lot.

Now, his latest album, “The Life of Pablo” has set a new record: after Rihannas Nr. 1 Comeback-Album “Anti”, which was sold to a third via streaming services, the new Nr. 1 Album of Kanye West has been sold to the amount of 70 percent via streaming. Maybe that is a dream coming true, for anyone promoting musicians and not wanting to put some effort into designing an album cover. It is a new record in the history of music promotion, and I suspect another record for Kanye West in getting to the top of the billboard charts.

I don´t know about you,

but I personally don´t mind where my music is stored as long as I can listen to it whenever and wherever I like. One thing I want to do is to buy a DVD Recorder, as this is the best thing one can do when practicing music, recording it and getting ideas out of it. When I create beats, I have the opportunity to save them. load them up to Soundcloud, burn a DVD or listen to it on an mp3 player. The good thing is that nowadays everyone can use the digital technology to make their own beats and save them.

If you want to get started making your own beats, get a copy of Dr. Drum and begin streaming your own music…

Coming to a Conclusion: ” I wish all the Kids of the World would make crazy music”

– Michael Diamond aka Mike D from The Beastie Boys.






  1. JSaúlGzz

    Fabian! Hey that’s a good information, a lot of people criticize Kayne West. I think he have as all the artist in the music world, bad and good songs, it’s just about tastes and likes for the music. I have to tell you that the blue you used in the head of the paragraphs are kinda unreadable because it’s pretty bright, it’s just a comment.

    Nice information.


    1. Fabian (Post author)

      Hi Saúl,

      you are right, it´s all about taste and I can understand if Kanye West is criticized, I just wanted to point out the different approaches to music consuming. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. andrejs

    Thanks for the interesting post!
    That is right that technologies developing and changing so fast and today is hard to find a store to buy a tape cassette although combo (tape recorder option including) still could be found in shops.
    Today, as you mentioned, you can find any or even unknown music on Spotify and Shazam simply typing or without typing an artist name on your smartphone app field and it is cool.
    Just sometimes I have nostalgy of good old days when you was forced to do the decent search for the desired soundtrack.

    1. Fabian (Post author)


      thanks for your comment, and I wanted to say a friend of mine is using vinyl and he sometimes has to be fast in ordering a copy of his desired music because there are still tunes and albums which are available only very limited. He is using a catalogue instead of the Internet…


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