It´s gettin time to make your own music beats!

So, how do you wanna start out?


One thing that is crucial when you want to make your own music beats is to pin down the musical direction that you wanna go for. There is dubstep, there is techno, there is house, there is hiphop… Before you begin, it would be important to know how the new beat should sound like. I don´t know about you, but I have had a lot of hits in my inner ear, sometimes they stayed for days! This can be a good thing or a bad, depending on the quality of the given tune. What I want to say is, everyone has got the ability to “hear” music even if the radio isn´t on and nothing breaks the silence.

This ability, combined with your individual taste makes you predestined for creating your own music on a DAW.

Creating a drum beat on Fruity Loops Studio 11



I really love HipHop and Rap, for example Cypress Hill, and this is the reason why I have decided to show you how I create a HipHop beat for now….




This Version of FL Studio is not the newest one, FL Studio 12 has a much better Surface which is easier to navigate!


  1. WarrickB

    This is pretty interesting software that you use. Is this the only software that you use for beats, or there some other choices?

    1. admin

      Hi Warrick,

      thanks for stopping by. No, this is not the only software I use for beats, in fact I bought myself Dr. Drum, which is a way cheaper program and is getting good results too.
      On my reviews section you can see some other options, but they are all more complex and more expensive.

  2. Louise

    This sounds great can’t wait to get started. How do i get this software to try? Do you need much musical knowledge such as how to play real drums?

    1. admin


      with Fruity Loops (the software I use in this video), it is pretty easy to generate a drum beat as you can directly listen to what you are doing. You can then change it while you are listening; so I would say no, you don´t need to know how to play drums…
      You can find the software here, it has unlimited trial and if you should decide to upgrade you get lifetime plugins and tutorials. Check out this software too!


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