How to Make Beats on a Computer

Hi guys,

are you still interested in how to make beats on a computer? Then please read on, I have some good information for you:

as I´ve already stated, there are a lot of software solutions for making beats, called DAWs, on the market. There are, generally spoken, two kinds of this software: the lower-priced ones which are very good for beginners, and the higher-priced, which are in each case high-end. It is not surprising that for example the newest version of Ableton (Ableton Live 9) costs a lot more than the Dr. Drum Beat Making Software or BTV Solo.

Fruity Loops Studio has a function to fade out a sample which is not very easy to find, but in Ableton you can find this function immediately. What I want to say is: you could go with any of the DAWs on the market and find a way to feel comfortable creating beats and instrumentals, even if there are sometimes differences in the complexity of the user-surface.

But there are differences also in the buying price, not to speak of the additional plugins you might need.

Fruity Loops has an offering of additional plugins, but if you buy the software, you still have to invest in additional plugins.

Dr. Drum is very cheap and user-friendly and you can even get a monthly update on new samples. In this case, if you want to make beats on a computer, you can rely on a easy to learn software with quality sounds.

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