Dr. Drum Beat Making Software REVIEW – A DAW for People on a Budget

Dr. Drum Beat Making Software Review


Product: Dr. Drum Beat Making Software

Price: 29,95$

Cheapest Place to Buy: www.drdrum.com

Guarantee: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Add-Ons: Platinum Expansion Pack, The Audio Plugins Subscription

My Rating: 6,5 Out Of 10



Hi Guys,

If you are looking for a music software which gives you the opportunity to create your own beats in a small amount of time, then Dr. Drum Beat Making Software might be the right thing for you. There are lots of so called DAWs on the market, and new software in this segment is always adding up.

The normal way of getting into things is to buy a DAW like Fruity Loops or Ableton Live 9 and then start learning about the software in order to start creating music.

Usually, the learning curve for this kind of software is a longer one, as there are a lot of functions which are to be discovered and understood in order to create a workflow.

The normal price for a DAW is between 100$ and 500$.

If you want to make Hip Hop Beats, for example, you wouldn´t need very complicated structures, but you would need good plugins which are suited for Hip Hop.

Let´s say you buy Fruity Loops Studio and you get to buy extensive plugins which are designed for Hip Hop, you would be paying a high price for an easy to achieve goal.

A beginner can start out making hip hop beats easily on Fruity Loops Studio, but he should keep in mind that the preinstalled samples aren´t really made for HipHop.

Why you should be interested in Dr. Drum:  with all important add-ons it costs under 100$.


This is why I write this Dr. Drum Beat Making Software Review:

With this software, you can easily start out making Hip Hop or other kinds of Beats within hours after downloading the product. It has an easy to use surface, which is basically very intuitive.

Here´s a pic:

dr. drum screen


The yellow box (Import Plugins) represents one of the good features within Dr. Drum:

If you have found a free sample on the Internet, or if you have bought one or made it yourself, you can import it and use it.

The blue box is one of the 16 tracks which has 4 basic effects, and a master volume.

Once you have drawn and selected a channel, like it is shown in the little pink box, you can chose one of three instrument categories, keys meaning not only keyboard but melody instruments in general, for example guitars.

The next picture shows the inside of a chosen track (in this case it´s the drum kit):

dr. drum selected track


The green box shows the volume controls for each instrument of the selected sound kit, the red box on the left shows the chosen drum kit and the violet box at the bottom is the toolbar which is also displayed in the picture shown before.

This is how the pattern sounds like:

The software features the following elements:

  • a 16 tracks step-sequencer
  • an export function to .WAV
  • a very simple and intuitive surface
  • you can use your own plugins
  • you can change the drum soundkits and move or copy them with a few clicks
  • you can as well move or copy any other selected track
  • you can upload your files to Youtube or Soundcloud
  • you can change the drumset´s sound or the instruments just by choosing another one and clicking on it
  • there are video tutorials in the members area
  • you can buy additional plugins and additional sounds
  • Dr. Drum is predestined to make playalong tapes for practicing purposes

But there are also things that speak against buying Dr. Drum:

It is not compatible with any MIDI device, which means that you always have to draw in melodies or drum beats.

This might be a littlebit frustrating, but I see it from this side: the simplicity of Dr. Drum makes you be freer in creating music and more creative as you don’t have to be an expert on the program before starting out and because there are less options than in other DAWs. If you decide to go for another DAW, there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Another disadvantage of this software is that when you´re composing a beat with for example 90 bars, the display can get a little bit unclear as the drawn bars on the channels get smaller and smaller.

There are two add-ons with this product, the The Platinum Expansion Pack and The Audio Plugins Subscription.


With the Platinum Expansion Pack, you get over 2 GB of sounds that are made for the use with Dr. Drum. It costs 39.95$ one time.

There are additional

  • 120 Bass Sounds
  • 82 Drum Kits
  • 340 Melodic Instruments / Sounds


The Audio Plugins Subscription

These are audio plugins that allow you to change your sounds and enhance them to sound different. Like this you can add something unique to your production.

Within this subscription are always new possibilities, that´s why it costs 4.95$ + 19.99$ per month.

Speaking of extensibility, this is what you get if you decide to buy one or both of the add-ons.

But: If you know how to create your own sounds, you don´t need them, because as I already have shown, the software allows you to insert your own plugins/sounds.

I hope this Dr. dr. drum review pageBeat Making Software Review has helped you to get clear about which DAW could be the right thing for You!




  1. wunderkindonsulting

    As a former self proclaimed producer, I was really excited to come across your blog. I appreciated your bulleted list which allowed me to quickly pick up the pros, cons, and features embedded in Dr. Drum’s Beat Making Software. This particular software platform seems like has a lot of flexibility, and provides some options for extensibility as well which is very important when choosing a beat making software.

    1. Fabian Baumgarten

      Hi, I am happy that the list helped you to sort out the pros and cons of Dr. Drum.
      As for the extensibility, the software might seem to be be a little limited, but still there are two great add-ons and you can import your own stuff to it.

  2. JP

    Oh man this is way dope, like really good. I like the different kinds of options that you give us, if we want to go all in, there are other places to buy some really great beat equipment, but if we just want software stuff, we can get options on the page for those kinds of things too. Keep up the good work.

    1. admin

      Hello, I will make a section for hardware stuff too, and there will be a lot more reviews on software. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Noble

    Hi Fabian,
    That is an amazing blog you have there. My little brother is a great fan of beat making. I shall probably tell him about your blog. I think your review is as honest as it can be. Many people ignore the cons of a product when writing a review but I see that you have included that. Honesty and integrity pay well. Thanks for the education.

    1. admin

      Hi, yes I know that there are softwares which have more functions, and that Dr. Drum isn`t perfect. But it is very fast to learn.

  4. Kevin Mesa

    I am so happy to know about this music software. With my low budget, I guess I am going to give it a try. As an upcoming DJ, I need such a simple and rubost Beat making software like Dr. Drum Beat. But do you have other instruments like guitar. I am fully convinced to buy this great software.

    1. admin

      Hi Kevin, there are also guitar kits in this software. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Heathguy33

    Excellent post I am a young artist myself. Other than actually writing the songs it’s hard to come across good equipment to. I will look into this me and my friend need this so bad. Are there any recommendations or do’s and don’t you may want to mention before we buy this.

    Thanks man

    1. Fabian (Post author)

      Hello, I would recommend not to overthink the creative process of making music, and rather start out using a software like Dr. Drum and begin playing. It is easy to learn and you can post own songs in hours not in years…

  6. Josh

    Nice review!
    As a music lover and guitar, I was intrigued to read your review. I think that this is something I could get into one day (once I have mastered other things first).
    The sound seems sharp and the beat is pretty decent. The drums do sound a bit faux. Which is the only downside, however, I am only basing it on one sample track.

    1. Fabian (Post author)

      Hi Josh. I think Dr. Drum is good for making beats fast, and if you want to have a better sounding drum, you can also load a plugin into the software. I like the idea of mixing real instruments and electronic music, so I am going to publish some tutorials on how to create own samples and using them with DAWs (also with Dr. Drum) – have a nice day!

  7. Pedro


    Great Dr. Drum Beat Making Software Review. I’ve been playing a bit with beats software in the past.

    I still use beat programs a bit with but only with trial versions. I love to play guitar and having something playing behind makes it more fun. That or youtube Jamming tracks.

    Anyway, thanks for the great review on this software.

    Best of luck


    1. Fabian (Post author)

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. Have a nice day.


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