About Me

Hi everyone, I´m Fabi and I want to help you out in creating your own music with the help of a PC or Mac.

About Fabi

I hope this website gives you a good overview of how to use music software, which software to chose and how to create your own beats, including how to sample music and use it for songs.

I have been into music since I was a child when I began playing the violin which I later changed to alto saxofone.

What I became fascinated with is Hip Hop Music and Electronic Music in general. But I also like Rock´n Roll and various types of other music (Jazz, Reggae), and for example The Beatles. They were one of the first bands, together with Pink Floyd, to include samples into their music. Today, there is an explosion of different music styles.

And together with the technical possibilities of making electronical music it seems like there are no boundaries.

Feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Fabi